Download Album: Andy Mineo – Never Land II LEAK Zip

Never Land II is the sequel to his 2014 EP, Never Land. This project was announced at the 2017 Friends and Family Tour. In a 2017 interview with Creative Pep Talk, Andy Mineo revealed that this project was originally going to be an EP, but when he showed it to Reach Records, they told him to make it into an album, because of “how great” the project was.

After dealing with anxiety in 2016, the project was pushed back to 2018, and then to an undisclosed date. This will be the first independent album from Andy Mineo since his 2015 album, Uncomfortable, which debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200.

Album is going to release this week, But the good news is that the album is LEAK online and is available for free download in high quality mp3.

Download Andy Mineo Never Land II LEAK Zip

Download Andy Mineo Never Land II LEAK Zip

Album Cover:

Track Lists:

1 Am I…
2 …Falling?
3 Been About It (Ft. Lecrae)
4 You Know the Drill (Ft. Wordsplayed)
5 Working On It (Ft. Chandler Moore & Taylor Hill)
6 New Father
7 Nobody’s Coming
8 Remind Me (Ft. JVKE)
9 Not Gon’ Do (Ft. Joseph Solomon)
10 It Could Be Worse
11 Priorities
12 Trying (Ft. Thad Cockrell)
13 Cross My Heart (Ft. Ink)
14 Coming In Hot by Lecrae & Andy Mineo